Feld/Griesel Llamas

MRS Double Take x MRS LaCresha

Take a look at  some of our fabulous dams:


Foundation Females

Chilean Angel Hair
Full Chilean Import Female

GVL Chasca's Tesora
Full Chilean Female
Chileno Chasca x Merrybella

FGL Bolivian Suki
Full Bolivian Female

MRS Double Take x GiGis Juliette


FFF Count Your Blessings
Full Chilean Female
Chileno Chiri Chico #74 x Chilean Count on It

RML Pinta Arriba

Luis El Bandido x Chilena Pintaroja

Full Chilean Female

HCLA Bolivian Sassy

Our Bolivian Twister x Bolivian Sage

Full Bolivian Female

Full Chilean Female
Cinco De Mayo x LW Posey


HCLA Bolivian Sissy
Bolivian Radical x HCLA Bolivian Sassy

Full Bolivian female

GLF Jasmins J'Adrianna

Tillmans Swoosh
OverExposed x Orchita

Full Bolivian Female

Curley Shirley

Gigi's Juliette
Boca Raton x Dulce Navidada

Full Bolivian female

WOR Nitty Eva
Full Bolivian female
Nitty Gritty x WOR Eva

WO Christina
Full Bolivian female 
WO Caviar x Tanina

MRS Bolivian Call Girl       Bolivian Female
Jumbalaya x Harmonia

MRS LaCresha
Full Bolivian outcross female
El Bueno x HCLA LaChola


RRLR Chilean Snow Berry

SSRMT Chilean Frosted O's x Chilean Woosey

Full Chilean Female

        Chilean Dream Girl              

RAR Chilean Casino x Chilean California Dreamin'

Full Chilean Female


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